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              Telemedicine that saves your clients money

              The more your clients' employees use First Stop Health's services, the more the employer saves. FSH averages 56% Telemedicine utilization, compared with average industry utilization rates of 2-10%.*

              Find out how we serve your clients' industries. Download the Industry Case Study.

              Download the Industry Case Study






              *As of year-end 2018. First Stop Health measures utilization based on the number of doctor consults per employee. The 56% utilization represents 560 consults per every 1,000 employees.

              Telemedicine ROI

              First Stop health's savings guarantee

              We guarantee that savings from avoided in-person doctor, urgent care and
              ER visits will exceed total fees paid by a minimum of 25 percent of your costs, or we refund the difference. FSH contractually guarantees our Telemedicine service will save your clients money.

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              Convenient, Custom Benefit Delivery

              First Stop Health does most of the heavy lifting to onboard employees and drive utilization for its Telemedicine, Care Navigation and Enhanced EAP Counseling services.

              • Customized, targeted and year-long engagement campaigns
              • Engagement activities executed by First Stop Health with HR direction to maximize utilization and savings
              • Quarterly and annual reports measure "hard dollar" savings generated against goals
              • Easy onboarding and population maintenance through automated tools and an employer dashboard

              Download the Buyer's Guide to Telemedicine

              Learn how leading brokerages are achieving amazing results

              Thanks to higher Telemedicine usage, First Stop Health generates significant savings for top brokers' clients. Find out how we achieved an average 109% ROI for 9 leading brokerages throughout the U.S.

              Download the Broker Case Study

              Business guy FLIPPED

              From our Clients

              • telemedicine-companies-icon
                Rolling out this new telemedicine benefit to our employees was seamless. From developing co-branded marketing pieces with us, to walking us through file transfer step-by-step, First Stop Health ushered us through the onboarding process with expertise and enthusiasm.” 
                -Lindsay, HR Associate
                “Our client is very happy with their decision to move forward with First Stop Health.  The service has been well received by their employees and the utilization is already exceeding expectations.”
                -Martin, Benefits Consultant